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October 22-24, 2021




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We Want You to Have BOLD Faith!

In 2008, Lee and Jaclyn Arnold lost nearly everything in the blink of an eye when the Real Estate market crashed. God had been tugging on Lee’s heart and at this moment He had his full attention! The Arnold family moved back to Lee’s home state of Washington and began to rebuild but this time with a different foundation, Lee and Jaclyn felt the Lord encouraging them that He needed to be the foundation of their business.

He’s The Solution Ministries, a non-profit 501(c)(3), is all about keeping God first, that foundation in which all of their current companies are built upon. Lee began teaching Bible Studies on Sunday mornings wherever his Real Estate trainings led him, and the ministry has continued to grow and transform to giving away thousands of Bibles each year to creating an annual Be Bold for Jesus conference that is focused on offering hope in a difficult world.

Those who attend Lee Arnold’s trainings or work for one of Circle of Wealth Companies will often hear Lee recognize that God is the CEO of these companies, and he is merely the facilitator. Lee and Jaclyn continue to find ways to minister in our surrounding communities by coming alongside some of the local ministries that feed the hungry or give to the needy, they are active in their home church. He’s The Solution Ministries desires to be about the work of the Lord and equip Christians to have Bold Faith in all aspects of their lives from home to business!

Lee & Jaclyn Arnold
Lee, Jaclyn and the Children

Our Latest Blog Post

Your Work Handbook

In my business, it wasn’t until I focused on the Gospel, that I could finally relax into my role as CEO. Before that, it felt like a never-ending, ongoing battle to make money. It was only when I allowed the Gospel to shape our business, that I began to find, that although our company is “pro profit,” it’s also pro client, pro employee, pro family, and pro God. Only through the Gospel was this shift possible. We could benefit the commonwealth, by benefiting each other. 

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Palm Sunday to Good Friday

For Christians, Palm Sunday is a day of celebration. It’s the day Jesus arrived, and a whole city threw a party and rejoiced in His coming.

It’s also bittersweet. Although clamoring crowds greeted Jesus on Sunday, it only took several days for the tides to turn and for these same people, who once delighted in his coming, to ultimately rejoice in his death.

What happened between Palm Sunday and Good Friday?

Most likely, their hearts did not match their actions or words. They were simply following the herd and allowing their immediate emotions to be swayed by popular consensus. How many times does this happen in today’s world? How often have we done this ourselves? We exclaim God’s love and will in our lives, but our everyday actions and words barely make the mark. Who are we trying to “fool?”

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Can You Hear the Applause

I’m continually shocked and awed at the radical and unquenchable grace of Christ. With all my faults, my fickle adoration, my inattentive worship, my worldly demands, my preoccupation… I know that Christ waits for me.

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Workship vs. Worship

We put a lot of stock in our careers and they become our saviors. We work to be noticed, loved, paid, admired, cared for, and provided for.  The problem with this is when work IS the only defining characteristic and the ONLY thing that can save us, God is no longer in the picture. He is no longer the motivator or end goal and our performance is not based on the gospel, but on a paycheck or even a compliment. We are no longer in a state of worship, but a state of workship.

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The DNA of Selfishness

When I was a slave to my ambition alone, I felt a gulf between myself and others and a widening chasm between myself and God. It wasn’t until I admitted that my talents, the opened doors of opportunity, and my growth were not from me but from God, that I could relinquish the responsibility and begin looking for ways to use these gifts as a way to serve others. My work could be a conduit to God, and not just to me alone. 

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Fruitless Endeavors

I tend to err on the side of optimism, believing wholeheartedly that I can make a difference in this world through my hard work. Although I believe this, I’m also constantly reminded that my best intentions can be thwarted by my own mistakes, the failures or indifference of others I work with, economic factors, and/or other environmental issues, like natural disasters, pandemics, and social unrest.

This may seem unfair, but it’s the nature of a fallen world. At one time, we were able to experience work at its fullest. Before the fall, the calling given by God allowed us to grow and prosper within a perfect world. After the fall, “thorns and thistles,” “labor and toil” became intricate parts of our work lives. Work became what we know it to be today

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To Do Good

Once upon a time there was a young man who learned the art of the deal. He realized that a good real estate deal could reap so many financial benefits in so many ways that he built a lucrative empire on this understanding. He bought properties steeped in equity and then pulled out all the surplus cash and either lent it out to other real estate investors, or bought other deals ripe with equity. This strategy worked really well until the housing bubble burst and with it his dreams of grandeur. He learned a few huge life-lessons in the crash: 1.) Don’t overextend yourself, and 2.) Don’t work solely for the almighty dollar. 

This is a true story… It is my story. When I first started buying and selling real estate, I was driven by an insatiable desire for palatial homes, lots of toys, and big bank accounts. When I lost it all, I realized I wasn’t fulfilled by my previous motivations. Even though I had everything before the crash, I became nothing without it. It was a very hard lesson, but an extremely valuable one.

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We Were Made to Make

In Genesis, after God made the earth and mankind, he hands over his masterpiece to Adam and Eve and requests that they not only create, but that they also subdue their lineage and oversee and govern the world around them.  This is God’s first call-to-action for mankind–fill the earth and subdue it. Ever since then, humans (whether they know it or not) have endeavored to complete this divine CTA.

Over the years of being a business owner, I have watched this innate desire take shape in all levels of work in my office and out at our various construction sites. There is a deep human desire to be creative and assertive. There is a great need to rearrange the raw material of God’s creation in such a way that it helps the world in general, and people in particular, thrive and flourish.

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October 22-24, 2021

Please Join us for our third annual He’s The Solution’s “Be Bold for Jesus” Conference! This 3-day interactive conference is specifically designed to help you develop your unique and God-given gifts and talents so that you can display Bold Faith in your daily life!

Here at He’s The Solution Ministries it is our goal to honor God in everything we do. We do this by showing that our faith is something others can witness in our everyday lives, not just on Sunday mornings.

Whether you are at church, in the office, or at home, we believe your faith should shine through. We know that wearing your faith on your sleeve is not always easy, particularly in the public eye. That’s where the Be Bold for Jesus Conference comes in: we want to encourage you to proudly and boldly walk in faith in Christ in each and every aspect of your life!