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We Want You to Have BOLD Faith!

Lee has been teaching workshops for almost two decades. This has put him on the road more Sundays than he would like to admit. As a result, he missed attending his normal church service with his family and God.

Instead of going without, Lee decided to have Bible Study on the Sunday mornings of the workshops. When he began this exercise in spiritual boldness, the attendance was minimal at best–usually less than 15%. However, over the years the Lord began to bless us with a customer base of believers and the attendance is now closer to 85 percent!

Because the response to these Sunday mornings was so strong, Lee and his wife, Jaclyn, felt the Lord encouraging them to take it to the next level. They created He’s the Solution Ministries as a non-profit program for anyone and everyone who might be interested in hearing more about Jesus.

A lot of focus and care has gone into He’s the Solution. We’ve added new pastors, new topics, and a new emphasis toward the central core topic of our organization–to help others become bold in their faith. In order to do this, we’re in more places, more often! Go here to see where we’ll be next!

Lee & Jaclyn Arnold
Lee, Jaclyn and the Children

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I Seriously Doubt It

Every Christian struggles with doubt—whether it be doubt in the gospel, doubt in God’s good works, doubt in our ability to be good Christians, and/or doubt in our salvation.  The problem is that on top of these doubts, we often feel guilt. We feel bad that we are questioning God’s word or Christ’s sacrifice. The guilt on top of the doubt is a bad combination and can exacerbate the dilemma of doubt. Once doubt enters in and infects us on a conscious level, we may interpret it as outright unbelief. We begin down the road to complete faithlessness.  Don’t mistake doubt as unbelief. During a crisis of faith, don’t foster your curious uncertainty into full-blown skepticism.  Instead, think of doubt as a bridge that connects current faith to perfect faith. And instead of feeling remorse for your doubt, I encourage you to do something about it. Feed your doubt with God’s word. Read, research, think, and, most importantly, pray. Surround yourself with believers and ask questions. Loving God and choosing to pursue him is a decision you make in your heart and deep down in your core, and although doubt will always be there, you can choose to alleviate those doubts with the truths of the Bible and through prayer. If you feel doubt creep in and you begin to question your faith overall, say this prayer repeatedly if you have to:  “Lord, I believe in you. I believe you are good. I believe that I am secure in you

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Option A or Option B?

We’re anxious, stressed, worried and as our heavy burdens rise up and rear their ugly heads, we suddenly look to the bench and say, “Hey you, GOD, you can jump in any time now.” We want to do it our way until we can’t anymore. When the self-reliance is too unbearable to manage, we find ourselves on our knees ready to give it back to God again.

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October 23-25, 2020

Welcome to our second annual He’s the Solution “Be Bold for Jesus” Conference! This 3-Day, Interactive Workshop is specifically designed to help you develop your unique and God-given gifts and talents so you can display BOLD FAITH in the workplace and as a business leader!

Here at He’s The Solution Ministries it is our goal to honor God in everything we do. We do this by showing that our faith is something others can witness in our everyday lives, not just on Sunday mornings.

Whether you are at church, in the office, or at home, we believe your faith should shine through. We know that wearing your faith on your sleeve is not always easy, particularly as business leader. That’s where the He’s the Solution Be Bold for Jesus Conference comes in: we want to encourage you to proudly and boldly walk in faith with Christ in each and every aspect of your life!