Are You Ready?

The astronaut James Erwin traveled to the moon and experienced things that you and I can only dream about—a miracle of human ingenuity. Yet, when asked about it, he said, “There’s something more important than man walking on the moon, and that is God walking on the earth.” Amen to that!

During Christmas, we often get bogged down with everything but the miracle of God coming to Earth. When people ask, “Are you ready for Christmas?” we rightly assume they mean, “Have you purchased all of your Christmas presents yet?” Getting ready for Christmas means a little less but costs us a bit more each year—in both our spirituality and pocketbook.

Each time we join into the verbal gymnastics of trying to eliminate Christ from Christmas and term it just another ‘holiday,’ we lose a little more of our understanding of what gift-giving means and who the biggest gift-giver is.

A preacher, Keith Johnson, said it this way in one of his sermons, “There are two gifts this Christmas—the gift of Jesus packaged for you that you must receive and the gift of yourself that God is waiting for you to give. One gift has your name on it, but it must be accepted to make it your own. The other is a bit harder to give because it involves surrender. It’s really a gift exchange. He gave to you, and now He waits for you to give yourself to Him. Jesus exchanged His life for yours, but this transaction only works if you accept what He has done.”


I encourage you to bring the Reason back into the Season.

This means YOU include God in everything YOU do and say. YOU make an effort. YOU give to others what God has given to YOU. YOU make Christmas about Christ and let that be the example to others.

Always remember Jesus purchased your life with his, and now he waits for you to unwrap the gift. I pray you’ll unwrap it today.

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