Bold Faith in the Workplace

The Christian blogger, David Rupert, writes, “The problem for the lifestyle follower of Christ, is that it’s not that easy to dissect a transformed life. There’s really no such thing as a private faith. If my heart is changed, so too is my passion. If my spirit is flipped, so too is my thought process. A true Christian always oozes it – the transformation cannot stay silent.” Reading this, my question to you is, “Are you harboring a private faith or are you vocal about your regard for Christ?” It’s a hard question to answer when we live in a world that prefers the Christian to leave his or her beliefs on the church door stoop each and every Sunday. We’re all walking the tightrope between our faith and the outside world each and every day. We’re basically holding the balance beam and wobbling back and forth between what our human resource department advises and what God expects. I’ve been there. I’ve wrestled the ugly demon of political correctness and I’m sad to say, I once gave into it and lived two separate lives. It wasn’t until I started preaching at my events on Sunday mornings and opened the doors to He’s the Solution that I was totally “woke,” as they say these days, to a faith well-lived in the spotlight. I stopped hiding my core values to appease my bottom line, and my faith is the better for it. Now, you may say, “That’s easy for you to say when you’re the boss.” It’s true, we pray at work, we talk about God in our meetings, and we make no bones that we are a Christian organization. I’m the CEO, so I’ve sewn it into the very fabric of my business and the environment and culture of our company has become ripe with believers because of it. It’s may not be as easy for you to boldly bring your faith into the workplace. I get that… So what can you do? What steps can you follow that will allow you to live and act boldly in Christ? It’s necessary to first “be” Christian. You do that by: Being Genuine: Exposing others to your faith for any other reason than love and concern for another will not help either of you. You’re not in a race, you’re not trying to hit a quota, and you don’t need to share out of guilt or a feeling of obligation to God. When you genuinely love God and others, faith simply exists and is transparent. Being Hopeful: All things are possible with God. How amazing is that statement?! The world is inherently a hopeless place, but through God there is relief and peace. Showing others this good news is a wonderful gift. Being Good: Speaking boldly is one thing. Acting boldly is entirely another. It’s easy to talk a good game, but when it comes to being Christian, it’s something entirely different. When people know you’re Christian, they watch you closely for any cracks in the veneer. If they see that your core values are decisive and guiding, they will eventually look to you for direction. Being Faithful: Not just to God but to others. If you want people to respect your faith, they also need to respect and trust you as a person. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Be on time, be aware, and be dependable. Integrity in all that you do will reflect on your faith in big, big ways. Being Ready: Despite the popular belief that understanding and knowing Christ is purely an emotional journey, understand that it can and should also be a rational decision. Some people need proof and can’t simply take the emotional leap of faith. Being a ready source of educated faith is necessary for your walk with God. We want to help you do all of these things at our upcoming Annual BE BOLD event. In October, Tim Tebow will be here, along with other faith leaders who will help you live boldly in Christ. READ MORE ABOUT IT AND GRAB YOUR SPOT HERE. It’s not just a Sunday thing, it’s a lifestyle thing. When you infuse your life with Christ, you find that having bold faith in the workplace is not only easier, it’s necessary. We pray that you have the courage to invite Christ into both your personal and professional lives.

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