Living Connected to God

by Lee Arnold

There is profound value to the statement, “It’s who you know, not what you know that counts.” Although this is true in the professional realm, you can draw a direct correlation of this statement to the spiritual realm too. If you are genuinely connected to God, it won’t matter what you do or don’t know because your pathway in life will be more apparent. It’s only when we are Living Connected With God, that everything else falls into place and makes sense. It’s true, what you know means very little in the long run, and means even less still when you don’t have God in your everyday life. It’s the WHO you know that will make the most significant difference of all. We pray that this collection of messages will help you Live Connected with God each and every day!

Unconditional Grace

by Jaclyn Olsen Arnold

Between my loving parents on Sunday mornings, the seminary class in high school, and the culture I grew up with in Salt Lake City, Utah, I learned the teachings of my childhood faith. But where my peers bonded over their beliefs, my confusion isolated me. Struggling with ongoing and troublesome theological questions, I first turned to my childhood religion for answers:

Is The Book of Mormon the Reliable Word of God
and how does the Bible fit into it?

Is there really a pre-existence? Is there an afterlife?

Is God’s Love “unconditional”?

What did Jesus mean when he told the thief on the cross,
“Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

Other than the usual “Jaclyn, you just have to have faith,” answer I never found a reasonable response that satisfied my deep yearnings. Unconnected to my peers and brushed off by the leaders of my youth, I ultimately gave up altogether. Then Jesus found His way into my heart and beckoned me to find Him outside the Mormon Faith.

My answers came from the unlikeliest of places and my emotional journey took me outside of my comfort zone and into a realm filled with undeniable facts and a piercing discovery of my designed worth and place in this world.

This is the story about my journey to finding a personal relationship with God; and this is my love letter to my Mormon family.