Resources for Christian Business Leaders

Are you a business leader or owner and want to be bold in your faith in the workplace? Below are some resources He’s The Solution Ministries recommends to implement in your business.

Lee Arnold, founder of the Ministry and CEO of Multi-Real Estate Investment Companies, knows the importance of living out Jesus’ commission for us wherever he has placed us in our mission field. Jesus told us in Mark 16:15 “To go out into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” If you own or run a business, what a great opportunity to lead employees to Christ and make disciples of them to grow God’s Kingdom (Matthew 28:19)! Lee partners with the following organizations to help achieve this mission.

Chaplaincy for Employees - Marketplace Chaplains

Whether working for a company, a ministry, a senior living community or a non-profit, people are an organization’s most valuable asset. Serving not only thousands of companies across North America for almost 40 years, Marketplace Chaplains’ Chaplain Care Teams are now being utilized today to help support employees and their families by providing a personalized, confidential, non-judgmental and proactive Care Service with a team or professionally trained workplace chaplains, helping people deal with the increasing stresses of today’s workplace, mental health issues and the inevitable crisis events. We care for your people so they can stay focused on your organization’s goals and mission!

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Christian CEO Mastermind Group - C12 Business Forums

Leaders limit their potential when they lead from isolation. That’s why thousands of faith-driven, results-minded CEOs and executives meet in C12 Business Forums monthly to both encourage and challenge one another. These powerful groups of peers work together to make better decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and create solid plans for business growth, all while striving to create eternal impact far beyond the bottom line.

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