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Your Daily Dose of Boldness – It’s Not Easy Being Seen… As Christian

It’s Not Easy Being Seen… As Christian

In October 2015, there was a shooting on a school campus in a small rural community in Oregon. They say the shooter asked people their religion before shooting them and that the people who stated Christianity got it worse than those who didn’t. This, of course, is an extreme circumstance here in the United States. There are places in the world where being Christian is a death sentence. Just ask Christians in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. I’m always amazed and heartened that in the face of grave danger, these people still claim and cling to their faith.

But even in the safest of circumstances, it’s not exactly easy to be a Christian. We are constantly surrounded by things that want to distract us, overpower us, possess us, and ultimately tempt us away from walking with God. In mainstream society, it’s not exactly cool to be Christian. Some people shake their heads at your “naivety” or perhaps mock you for your blatant stupidity. Some people watch and wait for you to mess up (which you will do) so they can call you out on it. On top of this, and perhaps hardest of all, we’re called to love and forgive those who do so.

I’ve found over the years that professing my faith has had two opposite reactions. I’m either praised for being so open about it, or I’m blasted for shoving it down people’s throats. People see it as a breath of fresh air or a stubborn refusal to get with the times. It either forges a relationship, or it severs it. I’m positive it has lost me business, but I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world.

I will be the first to admit that it’s not easy being Christian, but I genuinely believe that my life would be more challenging and far emptier if I weren’t Christian. And the relationships I’ve forged through Christ our far more vibrant and complex than the ones I’ve had outside of the faith.

So, even though it’s hard, and in some instances, perilous, it’s far better to face those circumstances with God on your side than without Him.




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