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Your Daily Dose of Boldness – It’s Time to Turn the Page

It’s Time to Turn the Page

The New Year traditionally marks the end of the old and the
beginning of the new. Many people use this time to make new
goals, new promises, and brand new expectations for the
coming year. For some, it’s a health objective, perhaps to lose
weight or to get into shape for a half marathon. For others it’s
a business aspiration, perhaps to double the previous year’s
revenue or gain a new client. For others still it’s a spiritual goal,
maybe to attend church more regularly or pray in fellowship
with God more often. Regardless, the New Year offers each
one of us the ability to turn the page on the old and start with
a brand new, freshly minted page.

The author, Carl Bard, once said, “Although no one can go
back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now
and make a brand new ending.” That’s excellent news for the
sinner (which is all of us) because it means we are not tethered
to our imperfect past. We can rise above our mistakes and
move on.

However, moving on isn’t an easy task. It takes intentional,
determined effort because the status quo is convenient. It’s easy to
stick to what you know even when what you know is bad for
you. That’s why people stay in jobs they hate, in relationships
that tear them down, or in situations that erode their souls.

God does not want you to dwell on your past and He most
certainly wants you to make positive changes in your life that
bring you closer into alignment with His plan for you. So, use
this time to reflect on what has taken place in the past and what
you want in your future. Make a concerted effort to stop
settling for mediocrity, which is often the default position in

Achievement takes effort and ongoing persistence but it’s
worth it to strive for your best year yet with God by your side.



Isaiah 43:25

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