Daily Dose Of Boldness

Your Daily Dose of Boldness – Take the Risk and Get Out of the Boat

Take the Risk and Get Out of the Boat

Does God want you to take risks? It may surprise you, but God
does want you to take certain risks. In fact, He demands it.

It can feel risky for us Christians to step out of our comfort
zones and attempt the impossible for God, but I must tell you
it’s entirely more dangerous not to! We call it stepping out in
faith. For some people, this is as second to their nature as
breathing, but for others, who fall in the safety-seeker category,
the idea of risking for God is terrifying. Speaking up for God,
sharing his message, living within his will, and giving one’s self
up to God’s purpose causes them to break out into a cold sweat.
Yet, God calls us on occasion, to step out of our safety zone
and take a calculated risk of faith.

Think of the story of Peter and Christ. Jesus asked Peter to
step out of a boat being tossed by waves during a storm and
come to him. Can you imagine the kind of faith that would

I want you to notice a few things Peter did here. First, Peter
sought the will of Christ. Matthew 14:28 “Lord, if it’s you,”
Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” Peter
didn’t just hop out of the boat; he sought out Christ first. He
did not make a rash decision; it was a calculated step of

The second thing that Peter did is that he made sure that God
was with him. He said Jesus, tell me to come to You! His desire
to be with God and in God’s will allowed him to walk on water
with Christ by his side.

When you take a risk that you have prayed about and you know
is God’s will for you, you can know, without a shadow of a
doubt, that God will not leave you alone. He will be with you
every step of the way and your success will be assured. Never
be afraid of risk.





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