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Unabashedly Christian

Have you noticed that some people feel like they need to qualify their Christianity as a “What’s good for me is not always good for others.” They don’t want to seem pushy or intolerant, and therefore, they keep their Christianity under wraps and make sure everyone around them is left in their comfortable belief system. But did you know that being uncomfortable is the only way they will ever change for the better? Did you know that discomfort forces action?

We’ll enthusiastically share what we believe in business, politics, sports teams, shopping experiences or even favorite restaurant picks, but when it comes to our Christian beliefs, we purposefully keep our friends and neighbors in the dark. We’d sooner talk about our favorite color than our favorite Bible passage. We simply don’t want to rock the “relationship boat” with our Christian Beliefs. I knew I would get some pushback when I started He’s The Solution Ministries. Here’s one reply I recently received to an email I sent out about the National Day of Prayer:

“Separate church and state. Separate religion and business. Organized “religion” is anathema. Spirituality is strictly a personal matter. Please let’s just talk Real Estate and keep your proselytizing out of it, OK??”

Now I could have let that message slide and simply thought, maybe I should keep the Gospel to myself and allow my clients to keep their “comfortable views.” Instead, I wrote him back to let him know that the “separation” wasn’t OK with me and that I practice what I preach in every area of my life… even business. I believe he opted out of my list. Did I lose a customer that day? Yes. But what I didn’t lose is my ability and desire to proclaim the Gospel.

Now, I’m not bashing tolerance or a compassionate understanding for others, but what I am saying is that you should be Unabashedly Christian. Each day, we have little moments where we can share God’s love with others. Do we take them, or do we allow them to “comfortably” slip by? No one ever said that it’s easy to be Christian. But I believe that living without Christianity is much, much harder. Many people in this world are alone and in pain. They don’t have the ultimate truth that God loves them and is rooting for their success and happiness. That life-changing message could transform them in an instant, but you’ll never know unless you share it.

It is our duty, but also our choice, to be part of the ministry of God. We can be the catalyst to change. We can help instruct, fulfill, remake, and cleanse another person’s life with God’s word. Now ask yourself, “Can talking politics, sports, or favorite foods do the same thing?”

Before you keep your Christianity secret, think about what the opposite could ultimately do for another person and then make that decision.




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