Every Good Endeavor

As mentioned a few weeks ago, we’re starting up our Summer Reading Series with Timothy Keller’s Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work. I chose this book because it gives clarity and understanding that all work can be done in God’s name and every career can be a reflection of God’s Grace.

Whether you work in real estate, construction, education, law or technology… whether you have a corner office in a tall skyscraper in New York or a small desk in a janitor’s closet in Ellensburg, Washington, your job can impact others in very real, everlasting ways.

You don’t have to be called as a pastor to get God’s work done on this earth and this book will allow a sounding board over the next few months on how we can apply the gospel to our work. As Katherine Leary Alsdorf explains in the Forward, “We’re to express our relationship with God and his grace to us in the way we speak, work, and lead, not as perfect exemplars but as pointers to Christ.”

He’s the Solutions Ministries was specifically designed to help in this endeavor and encourage you as you develop your unique and God-given gifts and talents so you can display BOLD FAITH in the workplace. This summer’s selection will bolster that aim as we strive to be critical partners in Christ and his Bold vision for this world.

I’m excited to share in this journey with you and learn how to create environments in our workplace where we can serve each other and our clients and allow their faith to grow.

No matter what your vocational calling is, God is calling you to work. Are you ready to be a “Pointer to Christ?”

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