I have been teaching workshops for over a decade. This put me on the road more Sundays than I would like to admit. As a result, I missed attending my normal church service with my family and God.

Instead of going without, I decided to have Bible Study on the Sunday mornings of the workshops. When I began this several years ago, the attendance was minimal at best, usually less than 15%. However, over the years the Lord has begun to bless me with a customer base of believers and the attendance is now closer to 85 percent!

Because the response to these Sunday mornings was so strong, I felt the Lord encouraging me to take it to the next level. Therefore, we created He’s the Solution Ministries as a non-profit program for anyone and everyone who might be interested in hearing more about Jesus.

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Lee Arnold has been working in the real estate and private money field since 1997. As a seminar teacher and coordinator, he found that he could use his platform as more than a sounding board for real estate and private money, but also as a megaphone for God.

​In October of 2010, he and his wife Jaclyn founded He’s the Solution Ministries to help people across the United States and world find more meaning in life and enjoy the teachings and blessings of God.

About Us

Thank you for joining us in HIS ministry! We are excited you have joined us!

Here at He’s The Solution Ministries it is our goal to honor God in everything we do. This means our faith is something that others can witness in our everyday lives. Faith is not just something you ware on Sunday morning. Whether you are at church, in the office, or at home, we believe your faith should shine through.

We know that wearing your faith on your sleeve is not always easy. This is particularly true when you are a leader in business. We freely admit that we fail at times. We all do, but we can strive to be more like Christ on a daily bases and encourage others along the way. That is where He’s The Solution comes in. We want to encourage you in your daily walk to show your faith, to be bold in the workplace! 

Our Mission




Be Bold in your Faith

In the days and months to come, it is our prayer that we can do just that, equip you and encourage you to be bold, with your faith, in the work place. Please explore this website to find resources to strengthen your in your daily walk with God. We want you to have a BOLD FAITH! If there is something you need please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help.

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