I Am a New Creation

Have you ever watched the show Extreme Makeover? It’s one of those exciting transformation shows where someone loses a massive amount of weight, undergoes cosmetic surgery, and then walks out on stage to the wondrous gasps of their friends and family. Through extreme diet, massive amounts of exercise, and a visit or two with the scalpel, they seemingly become a “new creation.” They are fresh, jubilant and ready to face the world… or are they?

Many of the people featured on these shows often return to their old ways. Why? Because they never really faced the demons that got them to the place of unhappiness and addiction. They never became a true “new creation” because they never eliminated the underlying “old” them.

Now imagine if there was a brand new “Extreme Makeover” show where people were taught the life-changing and joy-giving word of Christ. What if, instead of teaching them how to perform rigorous, physical feats of strength, they were shown how to shore up their spiritual fortitude? What if, instead of working on their will-power against food and laziness, they were shown how to build up their spiritual self-control? What if, instead of changing their outward appearance with invasive surgery, they simply allowed God in to alter their hearts and minds? Now, what kind of show would that be!?

The fact is, while many of us would like a tuck here or an enhancement there, becoming a new creation through Christ is enough. Christ doesn’t care if your nose is too big, you have an extra tire around the middle, or if you’re a little bit saggy here or there. He only cares if He’s what’s in your heart. What would the world look like if we all cared a little less about our outward appearance and a little more about God’s influence in our lives?

What would happen if we all went on the “Extreme Makeover with Christ” show and became new creations in Him? I think that would be a pretty phenomenal transformation, don’t you?

I encourage you to become a new creation in Christ. I encourage you to be born again and shed all the unwanted pounds of sin and shame and carve away the ugliness of life. Jesus wants to transform you in ways no cosmetic surgeon could ever imagine. Are you ready for your extreme makeover? I pray you are because in Christ, you are new. Every. Single. Day!

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