In Need of a Transplant

In 1967, the first life-saving heart transplant was performed in South Africa by Christian Barnard. Now, 5,000 heart transplants take place worldwide each and every year. It truly is a remarkable feat to take the heart from one person who has just passed away and put it into the body of another human being, allowing them another chance at life.

Can you imagine being on the brink of death and passing up on a heart? Can you imagine saying no to this life-giving surgery if you needed it?

Yet many of us do just that each and every day. Our hearts are broken. Our lives are shattered. Our minds are shackled. Yet, when given the chance to experience a miraculous cure from these often debilitating ailments, we say, “Nah, I’m good” and continue on with our crippling anxiety and pain. Why do we not ask for the Master of All Surgeons—Jesus—to give us a life-giving, life-saving transplant?

He certainly knows what he’s doing. As a world-class expert, he has been transplanting hearts and minds for, not just decades, but thousands of years.

In the Bible, Ezekiel 11:19-20 says, “I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh…they will be my people, and I will be their God.”

This type of transformation is far beyond the ability of any surgeon, therapist, or even religion. Only God can take a harded and hurting heart and replace it with a heart that is able to heal and to fully give and receive love – especially His love.

Is your heart heavy today or has it been this month, this last year? Do you feel it is as petrified as the stone heart described in Ezekial above? Do you feel sluggish, tired, and incapable of coping with your day-to-day life? Are you weary and burdened with sin, hurt, and pain? God is willing and ready to take ALL of that away from your right now. He is ready to equip you with the tools necessary to not only cope, but thrive, in this day-to-day journey you are on.

Now is the time to ask for a transplant. Now is the time to start anew and give your sin-hardened, sin-sickened heart new life and meaning.

Over the next several posts, we’ll be talking about how to allow Christ to give you that necessary, recommended, and life-giving heart transplant so you can begin your transformative walk with Him. This is the same information we hand out at our seminars during the He’s the Solution sermons to help people begin their walk with God.

I can, without a shadow of a doubt, tell you that it won’t be the easiest journey you’ve ever taken, but I promise that your heart, mind and soul will be recovered, revived, and revitalized. You will walk away with a new purpose and meaning.

We will be doing small exercises to help you on this journey. Whether you are newly acquainted with Christ, you know Him but are needing a nudge in the right direction, or you feel like you’re already right with Him, I strongly encourage you to participate?

I pray your walk will begin today!

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