It is Finished

I love finishing tasks, don’t you? That sense of pride in a job well done and knowing that a pressing task completed. It’s a wonderfully, satisfying feeling.

As many of you know, I rehab houses, among other things. In the olden days when I did the whole project myself, I would fanatically develop the plan. I would draw up the specs, run the numbers, and then run them again to make sure that they were correct. I would put together a comprehensive scope of work and budget and then the REAL work would begin—trashing out the house, demolition of walls and floors, drywall, mudding, trim, paint, cupboards, appliances, and all the finish work.

After months of sweating and slaving over the project, I would put it on the market and a lucky couple would benefit from all my hard work. After signing the closing papers, I would step away from the project with a sigh of relief and a sense of pride in a job well done and say, “It is finished.”

“It is finished.” There is such a stark finality to that phrase, isn’t there? When it is done… it’s simply done. It’s time to walk away and start something anew.

In the case of Christ it means everything foretold, everything He set out to accomplish, every task He wanted to do, was done. The author and pastor, Max Lucado wrote, “The history-long plan of redeeming man was finished. The message of God to man was finished. The works done by Jesus as a man on earth were finished. The task of selecting and training ambassadors was finished. The job was finished. The song had been sung. The blood had been poured. The sacrifice had been made. The sting of death had been removed. It was over.”

But what does that mean for you—it is finished?

It means that you DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING more to achieve salvation, except, of course, receive Christ into your heart and life. Jesus has already done the rest. Your searching is finished. Your unrest and brokenness is done. Your eternal pain and suffering is over. IT IS FINISHED. The debt is paid in full and you are free to live your life.

So if it’s finished, what’s left to be done? Although our lives may not be as clear cut, mapped out, and purpose-driven as Jesus’, we can discern our spiritual gifts and abilities, and then order our lives to maximize what God has given us. We may be off the hook for our salvation, but Jesus very clearly requests we be bold ambassadors and spread the word that “It is finished” for others.

It is Christ’s final call to action, His final edict. He asks that we focus on loving others as we love ourselves and share the most valuable, life-altering information we have—“You are saved.” We can do this knowing that Jesus has done the rest.

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