Lonely for a Reason

What if that deafening loneliness you’re feeling right now is for a reason?

If you’re truly lonely that question probably feels a little callous and rude. How dare I assume that your loneliness could come with benefits. But that’s exactly what I’m about to assume… so please, hear me out. 

There are over 7.4 billion people on this earth. We’re surrounded by company, yet many of us feel lonely in the most crowded of spaces. Do you ever wonder why? How can we, when we work with people, go to church with people, ride the bus or subway with people, shop with people, and live with people, feel like we’re suffocating from loneliness?

I honestly think we feel lonely because the one transcending, universal relationship necessary for true companionship is null and void. We are lonely because we are not in fellowship with our Lord who has promised us over and over again that He will never leave or forsake us. The Lord is with us, but are we with the Lord? It matters.     

Sometimes loneliness is necessary so we can finally hear Him. We can finally discover that in light of the job struggles, the marital strife, or the debt challenges, someone cares very much about us. Someone has promised that regardless of our many failures, we are loved, cherished, and desired. When we truly know that, we don’t feel so alone. When we feel loved, by a perfect love, we don’t feel so solitary anymore. 

The author, Max Lucado, states, “Loneliness. Could it be one of God’s finest gifts? If a season of solitude is His way to teach you to hear His song, don’t you think it’s worth it?”

I do. 

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