Not Succeeding? Could Be an Alignment Problem

One night after working late at the office, I took the corner out of the parking lot a little too fast and slammed my Jeep into a snowbank. Everyone in the car was fine, thanks be to God, but afterward, although I was still able to drive home, the alignment of the Jeep was extremely off. It pulled severely to the right and made driving a serious challenge.

I’ve experienced the same thing in my life and business. At the beginning of 2008 things were humming along great! Jaclyn and I were contemplating moving to a posh neighborhood in San Diego, where we could ultimately put the twins is a very nice private school. We thought we had it all dialed in until we found out my line of credit was wiped clean and the real estate market was headed for a disastrous slump. That was the beginning of the end of life as we knew it. Suddenly my real estate business was in serious trouble, my motivation was beginning to wane, and my way forward was directionless. Over and over my alignment seemed off and no matter what I did, I was continually being pulled off course.

Ultimately, Jaclyn and I, out of necessity and a nagging feeling (i.e., God), moved back to Spokane where my folks lived and started over again. We found a church family and I decided to start the He’s the Solution Ministries Online. I had felt an enormous gaping hole in my professional and personal life and wanted to bring God into it on a daily basis. I needed a partner and He was the only one that perfectly fit the job requirements. 

After that, a weird thing happened. Because I pulled God into my life, he pulled my life into alignment. I was no longer driving all over the road, and instead my journey was mapped out for me.

My business also began to experience a considerable amount of success, which we were able to pass down to our clients. Things began to happen at a clipped pace and things, that others may call coincidences, fell into place. Because I was on God’s path, his purpose for my life became evident.

If you find that you’re being pulled all over the place, it might be time to have an alignment adjustment. You need to make sure you’re in the right position—where you’re open to receiving God’s blessings and gifts. It may not be where you planned to be, but I guarantee that when you get there, it’s precisely where you’ll want to be!

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