Part Four: Not Stance, But Message

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. There seems to be a legalism and politicization that is suffocating and masking the true Christian message. We see it on T.V. and in print and we hear it from the pulpits and from each other. A lot of us are stuck on stance and missing the main message entirely… the real reason for ANY season.

There is a temptation to speak of issues rather than Christ. We think that witnessing on the most recent “Hot Topic” is more relevant than witnessing to others about the Gospel. We can talk endlessly about abortion, marriage, and prayer in school, but we rarely have the direct conversation with others about the Gospel and the unequivocal truth of Christ and what it can ultimately mean to our eternal salvation.

Now, I’m not saying your opinions on these subjects are not worthy of discussion, or that these are not important issues, but if they substitute being bold in Christ, our primary object and focus is lost altogether. We’re stuck on stance and not salvation.

There are important, life and death questions in this world and there are many lost souls bumbling around, desperately searching for answers and if all you have to offer is your position on politically charged subjects, because you think that will make the difference, you may be doing more damage than good.

If you’re trying to dispute the current cultural trends, there is nothing more radical and controversial than proclaiming, “Jesus is Lord.” There is nothing more counter-culture than telling the world that Jesus died and rose again for their sins. There is nothing more life-changing than to say that your sins are forgiven with the simple act of giving your life over to Christ. It’s the best and wildest news you can give! Be clear and outspoken about Christ and what He has done in your life and, as long as Jesus reigns in your life, all the other issues will take care of themselves.

The fact is, we can feel strongly about any number of subjects and we can climb up to the bully pulpit and thump our fists and shout as loudly as we can, but if we’re not sharing the message of Christ, we’re missing the point.

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