Saving Yourself For What?

“Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” “Don’t depend on others.” “Never let them see you sweat.” We’ve all heard this advice, or advice very similar to it before. Our society constantly tells us to be self-reliant and to never show signs of weakness. It’s unfortunate and can be very harmful, especially in our spiritual lives. We try to be our own saviors. We try to be “good enough” and pave our own path to God and salvation. We knock on heaven’s door not realizing that the key isn’t even in our own pocket. Our entry isn’t dependent on our own blood, sweat, and tears… it’s dependent on another’s entirely. 

I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot lately and I’ve been praying over it because we’re all trying, at one point or another, to save ourselves, while keeping the real Savior at arm’s length.   

If this is you, you’re looking in the wrong places. The answer is not in a place. It’s not in a program or a pill. The answer is a person: Jesus Christ. You were made by God and for God, and until you understand that, life is never going to make sense.

I’m not saved by my works alone. Lord knows that if I was, I would be left in the dust… LITERALLY. I know that I am my own worst enemy and my works are a pale comparison to the works of God.

So, in light of this, why would I hire myself to save myself. God gave us a Savior because we desperately need one… It’s not in our control but in His… and the best thing we can do is to let God pull us up and stop trying to do it ourselves. 

Saving Yourself For What?

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