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Be equipped and empowered to Be Bold for Jesus wherever God has placed you: as a stay-at-home parent, a teacher, nurse, or business person. God wants to use you right where you are at, precisely at this time. Hear from Christian leaders, speakers and authors across all different walks of life who have the passion to inspire you to share the Gospel, unashamed!

Look forward to hearing from many powerful speakers including founder of C-Suite for Christ, Paul Neuberger. The Christian podcast will also feature Ron Henry from Marketplace Chaplains, Pastor Craig Brown from Logikos Ministries and the Bible Time TikTok Teacher, Tom Walther from C12, and Bob Pruitt from Alliance Defending Freedom.

Our host, Keith Atneosen, is the founder of Freedom Summit Consulting. He assists family business owners with planning and preparing to transition the stewardship of their business. In addition to exit planning, Keith coaches clients in value acceleration and developing the next generation of leadership. To learn more about Keith and his company, please visit his website at

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