Summer Book Club: Are You Spiritual Leadership Material?

Are you a spiritual leader? Some people hear the word “leader” or “leadership” and vigorously shake their heads no. They think they don’t have the chops or skills to be an authority or groundbreaker in secular matters, let alone spiritual ones, and therefore keep their sights grounded and their feet firmly on the tried and true path.

However, as J. Oswald Sanders puts it, “Spiritual leadership is not a calling we choose to pursue; it is a calling we choose to answer.” Or… as I saw on a local church marquee the other day, “You will never be what you want to be, if you choose to stay who you are.” So, let me ask you, are you choosing to answer the call of Christ to influence those around you to do the same?

This question is why I have chosen the book, “Spiritual Leadership” by J. Oswald Sanders for our Summer Book Club. This book really fits into our ministry model, which is to equip people with bold faith in the workplace. It is something we do within our own organization and it has made the night and day difference in how we operate on a daily basis. We consistently ask, “Are we in line with God’s agenda, or our own?” Because the truth is, and this is evident every single day I’m at work, God’s agenda applies to the marketplace as well as the meeting place.

I believe God wants each one of us to move people from where they are to where God wants and needs them to be. I believe he wants us to be spiritual influencers and motivators toward Christ.

So, join me on this journey by making sure you get your copy of Sander’s “Spiritual Leadership” this week and by following along in the subsequent weeks. I look forward to learning with you how to be a bold, spiritual leader for Christ in both the marketplace and meeting place.

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