Superhero Fan?

Okay, I’m going to geek out on you here for a moment and jump into the DC and Marvel universes.

I don’t know about you, but my kids love these new superhero movies. They love the superhuman strength of character, spirit, and body that these individuals display. They love the action-packed storylines and the way the superheroes save the day each and every time.

And my kids are not alone. These box-office mega hits have created a mass mania across the world that speaks to youngsters and adults alike. All you have to do is go to a local comic convention to see grown adults decked out in the costumes of their favorite superheroes to understand that this craze knows no bounds!


Of course there is the exciting storyline, awesome special effects, and the action-packed sequences that keep you glued to the screen, wanting more. But I think there is something much more primal and innate behind this resurgence in popularity for the superhero. I think it’s because at our very core, we’re all looking to be saved.

In Superman Returns, Superman admonishes Lois Lane on her Pulitzer Prize piece, by saying, “Lois, you say the world doesn’t need a savior, but every day, I hear people crying for one.”

Superman is right. However, he’s wrong to think that he fills these rather large shoes. It is true that we are are all desperately crying out for a savior, but unlike Superman and all of these other well-loved superheroes, Jesus is not a temporary fix. In fact, Jesus couldn’t be more different than these folklore legends of the screen.

Unlike them, Jesus does not make mistakes and He is not overwhelmed by human emotions like pride, wrath, or fear. Instead, Jesus is consistent in his thoughts, words, and actions. He is not affected by Kryptonite, wracked by inner or outer demons, or outsmarted by his enemies.

He also didn’t live a double-life or wear a mask to hide His identity. Instead he radically proclaimed himself as the Son of God and the Savior of the world. His superpowers were His words and actions. He healed the sick, He admonished the self-righteous, He illustrated the way to live by the way He lived, He invited the lesser to walk with Him, and He loved everyone. Most importantly he truly saved us from sin and death (and not just our temporary troubles).

Although those movie superheroes have scores of fans, Jesus asks us to fellowship with him. He seeks a real, personal, and ongoing relationship with us

Finally, unlike these onscreen, fictional characters, Jesus is real. He breathed, He died, and He lives again.

So, the next time you’re at the theater’s concession stand bathing your popcorn in extra butter in preparation for the next action-packed superhero movie, say a silent prayer in thanks for the true, real-life superhero who is fighting every single day for your life during this life and your life after death!

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