The Leap

God’s very nature is Faith. He put us on this Earth with the belief that we will return, freely and willingly, to Him one day. And knowing the very nature of who we are… I only can only assume that it must take a lot of faith on His part!

Even when we are unfaithful, he remains faithful. The covenants and promises He has made to us are steadfast and true regardless of our zig-zagging path toward Him.

Made in His image, we are also blessed with an aptitude for faith. Our most fundamental relationships on Earth can only blossom and thrive in its context. Faith is the necessary coinage between husbands and wives, children and parents, and any other relationship we may have, whether it’s professional or personal.

Above all faith is the grand human liberator. It eliminates doubt and paves the way for exceptional creativity and innovation. Great spiritual and entrepreneurial things happen in the nurturing environment of faith.

The Christian author John Guest said it this way, “The athlete who has faith in his ability is the one who surpasses even his own imagination. When parents exhibit faith in their children, they spark achievement beyond expectation. A manager’s faith in those he leads can inspire them to produce outstanding results. It is faith that transforms problems into opportunities and dreams into realities. Faith lifts human existence above the mundane and superficial, bringing creativity and exuberance.”

Although faith is the perfect gift, it does not come naturally to us and we must exercise it daily. We’re prone to doubt, suspicion, disbelief, and fear, which ferry us further from the freedom God provides. Therefore, we must maintain a continual conversation with God, and eliminate the creeping tendrils of doubt from invading our relationship with Him. This is only accomplished through Faith.

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