Everyone is plugged in. I took my wife to dinner the other night and as I placed my phone next to my plate, which I regret to say has become habitual, I looked around and saw face after face illuminated by the same small rectangular object that had I just put on the table. Like the nourishment I was about to partake, our phones, tablets, and computers have become all important beacons of information which we consume on a moment-by-moment basis. Most of us feel naked without them. Does this sound familiar? We’re all plugged into news feeds, Facebook, texts, phone calls, Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter and this information overload often drowns out many other, more authentic aspects of our lives. Basically instead of feeding us, this over-consumption of information often leaves us rather empty. Here are few tips I found that can help get you plugged back into something that will recharge and nourish you mentally, physically and emotionally: Get in Front of God: According to neurosurgeon and Christian Dr. Carolyn Leaf, our brains are actually wired to be in constant communication with God. Be Thankful: The Bible says, “Rejoice in The Lord and again I say Rejoice!” Practice giving thanks to The Father in all you do. Understand that in every situation, good or bad, there’s always a gift that God is trying to get to you.

Invest Time in Regular and Daily Prayer: Talk to God out loud if you have to. When God hears us and answers our prayers, it builds our faith. And most of all, UNPLUG from your daily life and distractions and take a breather from the world. Take a step back from everything and everyone and spend time reading your favorite Bible chapters in order to re-ground your spiritual focus.

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