When Monotony is a Good Thing

The word “monotony” has a negative connotation to it. It implies a boring, tedious, and ongoing consistency that makes you yawn just thinking about it. However, today, I’m going to celebrates the unwavering monotony of God’s love for us.

You see, many of us wrestle with the idea of an unfaltering, abiding love. We understand a “just” God, a “holy” God, and we even get a “wrathful” God, but when it comes to a God of furious, even passionate love, we squirm in our chairs a little bit. Can anyone really love EVERYONE that much, when we have such a hard time loving the people “we love the most” that much? We’re not so sure about anything that “steadfast” of “consistent” because we hardly have anything to compare it to in this world. In life, rarely anything stays the way we want it. Change is the only consistent thing we can depend on, right?!

Yet, that’s exactly what God’s love is for us: Monotonous. It’s a plodding, tireless, and repetitive act He puts into motion day in and day out. It is funneled to us through his everlasting grace and He simply waits for us to answer His call and let Him envelope us in the mantle of His love. This is regardless of our actions and feelings toward Him. His love is steadfast and ALWAYS waiting.

Can you imagine that?

Think of it this way, have you ever had a school-kid crush for someone who either didn’t know you existed or rebuffed your charms? How long did your “love” abide that kind of rejection? Well, that’s how it is for God. He constantly puts His love out there for us, and we consistently snub it. Unlike our reaction to our school-kid crush, He continues His pursuit.

And that is what is so amazing about God’s magnificent, monotonous love. We can depend on it. We can fall back on it. We can be bolstered up by it. God’s grace is given freely and always, regardless of who you are. He’s not prejudiced to one people, poor or rich, black or white, church-going or not. His love is there, like the very air we depend on, consistent and ever-present.

In this respect, I’ll take the monotony and never grow weary of it. I thank God that His grace is unaffected by me and my changing heart and mind. His tireless, plodding love for me is truly awe-inspiring and I’m grateful for it.

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