Wonderful Counselor

If our greatest need had been information – God would have sent us an EDUCATOR… If our greatest need had been technology – God would have sent us a SCIENTIST… If our greatest need had been money – God would have sent us an ECONOMIST… If our greatest need had been pleasure – God would have sent us an ENTERTAINER… BUT, our greatest need was forgiveness – So God sent us a SAVIOR!

Ours is an age of anxiety and worry is the pervasive emotion. As this Christmas season begins, I find many people wringing their hands over taxes, health care, politics, etc. People are wondering if their house is in order enough to survive.

I believe worry, with its many emotional and physical ailments, is the main reason for this season. We are in desperate need of a savior. Someone who can shoulder these complex challenges and put these worries into perspective.

I heard it once said that we can’t worry or fix what is happening in the White House, but we can fix and focus on what is happening in our own house. And to do this correctly… to make sure your foundation is truly solid… you must make sure your “spiritual house” is in order first. If it’s not, all of the financial and economic worries will continue to eat at you.

When you own a business, like Jaclyn and I do, it’s hard not to allow worry to drive your decisions. However when we find that outer sources and inner emotions begin dictating our decision-making processes, we stop what we’re doing, fall on our knees, and give it over to God. We already know that when we make the choices on our own and focus on our own agendas, we suffer in some way or another. Either we feel the consequences professionally, or we feel removed from God spiritually.

Remember Jesus was called the “Wonderful Counselor” for a reason. When we remember that reason for the season and that we have a Savior whose main purpose is to give us counsel and peace, then the worries undo themselves and we can really focus on the real meaning and gift of Christmas –Everlasting Life.

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