Working in the Lost and Found Department

Have you ever lost something that was important or valuable to you? Have you ever felt that nauseating drop in your stomach and the sudden and frantic search that ensues the moment you realize it’s missing?

Have you ever spent time in the Lost and Found Department rifling through other people’s belongings in search of that one cherished and prized, personal possession?

The very word “lost” radiates a wide variety of negative emotions—hopelessness, emptiness, separateness, loneliness, and desperation—it’s a word simply bereft and devoid of joy.

And Jesus knows how you feel. In fact, Jesus spends most of His time in the Lost and Found Department, looking for His most prized and precious possessions—us.

You see, Jesus is always on the hunt for what is lost. In fact, during His time here on Earth, that was all He did. He spent most of His time socializing with lost sinners and rejoicing when they came to repentance and acceptance of Him in their lives. Of course, this was all to the consternation of the Pharisees. They were offended by those whom Jesus chose to spend time with and they complained that “He was associating with such sinful people—even eating with them!” (Luke 15:2).

This was intended to be a scathing attack on Jesus’ character, however it served as just the opposite. The very work Jesus came to do WAS to save those who were lost sinners (Matthew 9:13; Luke 19:10). It’s a work He continues to this day. Jesus is still diligently rifling through souls in the Lost and Found Department looking for the lost and sinful.

If he spends all His time there, shouldn’t we? Shouldn’t we continually ask God to be His instrument in the search for the lost and broken? Shouldn’t we ask God to allow us to be a beacon for those searching to be found? Knowing there is a great joy and celebration in heaven when each soul is found, don’t you want to be a part of it?

I know I do.

I encourage you to allow yourself to be found. Join the tax gatherers and sinners and draw nearer to Jesus. Listen to Him. If you do you will know the joy of being found and once you’re found, you can experience the delight in helping others experience the same joy.

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