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As a business owner and teacher with the ability to touch multiple lives through speaking engagements, I always try to let people know where I stand on God.

On occasion, I also send out an email inviting my client-base to our online He’s the Solution Ministry. Because of this, I get a variety of responses ranging from “It’s so nice to read and hear Christian-based information” to… well, I won’t get too specific here. I’ll let you use your own imagination… but let’s just say the response is usually peppered with very colorful language.

I’ve had people ask, and occasionally I’ve asked myself, is it worth it? Is it worth offending some to reach many? The answer is always, “Absolutely”. Although I have the occasional expletive-ridden reply, it’s the other email responses and blog commentary that make this ministry truly blessed. It’s knowing that this ministry is making a difference not only in my personal life, but also the lives of all who are involved. That being the case, I’m sharing a comment that came in on the He’s the Solution website. It was a touching conversion story that Linda sent in.

“All my life I’ve had a sub-conscious, little voice that argued with me, pleaded with me, sometimes subtly, making motions and sometimes bothering me to the point of no sleep. A sub-conscious voice, or so I thought. Years later, I realized it was really the voice of God whispering and sometimes even yelling at me… despite my human inclination to rationalize his “voice”.

I think as humans, we tend to want to explain things in a worldly way. We only know our physical world and when spiritual things occur, it can cause us to question our sanity or rational. I became fully aware of God’s presence and “realness” of his power on earth however, when I learned that I was worthy of receipt of a gift of healing from Him.

It occurred when I was in a hospital bed … 5 friends came to pray for me, and as they laid hands over me in prayer, HE ENTERED THE ROOM! I was shocked. I was dumb-founded and in disbelief, and I knew something supernatural was occurring. 5 people in the same room, felt everything that I did at the same moment. I received an instantaneous healing there in that room, a heatwave, which moved through my body, starting at the top of my head and exiting out of the bottom of both of my feet. For weeks afterwards, I questioned God on why or how I was worthy to receive this blessing? I hadn’t even read the Bible all the way through! I hadn’t saved one soul! I hadn’t (in my opinion) done anything to deserve this! Who was I, to receive such a gift? I argued with him “why me, when there are young children with their whole lives ahead of them dying with cancer? I said “Lord I haven’t’ even done your work!” I said “Lord, why did you take all of my life before you revealed yourself to me in this way?”

And you know, he woke me up one night several weeks later and gave me these words …. “It’s not karma, luck, coincidence or fate, or something mysterious that can’t be explained, …. it’s a God Thing.” Now I know God is in my physical world, as well as my spiritual world.”

Isn’t that an amazing story? Thank you so much Linda for your frank discussion of your personal awakening to God’s grace and mercy. This story is always in my thoughts and prayers. I love hearing about God’s wondrous works in our lives and those amazing glimpses when He reveals Himself and His purpose to us. Always remember, “It’s a God Thing” when you wonder if He’s really there. He is.

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